Nourishing Humanity

Our purpose

It’s more than a tagline

Molare’s unifying aspiration motivates us to work towards solving problems bigger than ourselves. A driven attitude translated into our business methods and farming practices.

Our purpose


Provide with food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition. To cause something to develop or grow stronger. To nourish is also to nurture and build up.

Our purpose


The entire human race. However, humanity has become synonymous with characteristics that belong uniquely to humans like kindness, empathy, humility and generosity. At Molare we live the values that grow humanity.

The difference between feeding and nourishing is that feeding is to provide food while nourishing is to feed while causing growth and promoting health.

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Molare’s MTP wants not only to feed but also to impact hearts, develop people, and be a source of optimism and a beacon of hope for humanity.

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Molare is a leading meat supplier in South Africa and offers turn-key solutions to buyers both locally and internationally. Owing to our unique ecosystem, pork buyers can now connect directly to the source.

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