Pork producers

From farm to fork

Molare is a leading meat supplier in South Africa that offers turn-key solutions to buyers both locally and internationally. Owing to our unique ecosystem, pork buyers can now connect directly to the source.

About us

Humble, hard-working & home-grown pioneers who have a heart for people and a passion for business and this land.

Our Process

Our unique ecosystem provides full traceability throughout the entire pork production cycle.

Maize production & processing

Our AFMA accredited feedmill produces nutritious swine feed from raw materials that are grown from our crops.

Farrow-to-finish commercial pig farm


Abattoir & our pig slaughter process


Deboning facility


Why Molare

Nourishing Humanity

Nurturing growth through farming. With this purpose in mind, we hope to impact hearts, develop people and be a source of optimism for humanity. Our farming practises are pursuing this goal by the use of innovation, kindness and integrity.

  • Quality assured
  • Commited to humane handling
  • Uplifting local communities

Our Services

Our services provide tailor-made solutions that fit the specific requirements of key partners.

Our Partners

  • Africa pork buyers
  • International pork buyers
  • Retail meat market
  • Wholesalers
  • Butcheries
  • Pork processors


We are based in Middelburg and Olifantsfontein.

Molare operates a farrow-to-finish commercial pig farm and feed mill in Middelburg, whilst our abattoir and deboning facility is located in Oliefantfontein.

Leisha Ward: leisha@molare.co.za

Barend Vorster: barend@molare.co.za

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