The Molare farm has been in operation for over 40 years.


Farming the finest quality raw materials

  • Yellow maize.
  • Soya beans processed into expelled soya and full fat soya.

Farming practices

Harvesting periods start in May and end in July. During the rest of the year, soil health is our highest priority.

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Sustainable Practices

Erosion is eradicated by well-managed contours that are maintained on an annual basis.

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All the composting manure is used back on the fields for the production of raw materials for the livestock production.

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Soil Maintenance

Soil samples get taken to adjust for short falls in the soil.

Farming Practices 

Precision farming and satellite technology


  • Promotes traceability
  • Keep track of farm history
  • Improved crop quality
  • Managing crop requirements
  • Environmental risk reduction
  • Optimized economic inputs and outputs
About Us

Molare is a leading meat supplier in South Africa and offers turn-key solutions to buyers both locally and internationally. Owing to our unique ecosystem, pork buyers can now connect directly to the source.

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