About Us

Humble, hard-working, home-grown pioneers with a heart for people and a passion for business and this land.

Molare’s History

The journey began in 2014 when Molare acquired Kanhym Estates, a major role player in the South African agricultural sector at the time.

Miles Stead and Desmond Hyman have been lifelong friends and grew up in the area. Kanhym was co-founded by Desmond’s grandfather. For him it was a great opportunity to obtain this part of his heritage. When the farm came up for sale, the two friends decided to join forces and acquire the facility.

The name Molare is derived from the Greek word “molar” that means grindstone.

At our core is a solid friendship, strengthened over time, with shared values and deep roots of trust, which yielded the possibility to identify an opportunity and grow an innovative business within our own unique eco-system.

Our Founding Values

At our core is a solid friendship, strengthened over time, with shared values and deep roots of trust.


We hold friendship near and dear as it yielded the possibility of building a business. Molare is founded on deep roots of mutual trust and shared values spanning two generations.


We strive to be trustworthy by doing what we say we will do. This means we place importance on integrity and competence. It is not only honesty and strong moral principles underpinning our promises to each other, and to our clients, but also the competence to successfully deliver on these promises.


We believe kindness has the ability to shape. It is a value that benefits both the giver and the receiver. It uplifts and therefore can be exponentialized because those who receive kindness can in turn uplift those they encounter. 


We are often unconventional in the way we view the world which results in innovative ideas. We challenge the status quo and seek new, better ways of doing.


We see the future with optimism and strive to live out a picture of a better tomorrow. We live with enduring hope irrespective of circumstances.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading and most trusted pork producer

We’ll achieve this by maximizing our unique competitive advantages enabling us to operate at full capacity by 2024 with efficiency and reliability. The partners we chose to journey with will be selected on shared values and skills alignment.

Our Mission

Our mission will serve our vision and will support our strategy.

We will achieve this by creating the correct structure, selecting and deploying the right people, implementing efficient processes while communicating continually with clarity creating ultimate unity and alignment behind one Molare.

Our Team

The people behind Molare

Barend Vorster


Pieter Van Der Walt


Cecile Van Wyk


Leisha Ward


Leon Mbendani


Eben Janse Van Rensburg


Colin Heyman


Ronel Bouch


Leisha Ward: leisha@molare.co.za

Barend Vorster: barend@molare.co.za

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